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Plot[ edit ] Dr Stedman is murdered by an intruder in his study and two toy soldiers are stolen from his desk. The next day, Hugh Drummond reads about the murder in the newspaper. He is approached by a friend, Phillip Coleman, who tells him that he owns two similar figures and that he has received first offers, then threats to sell them. According to Coleman, the soldiers are years old, dating back to the time of William the Conqueror. Coleman leaves the two painted lead figures with Drummond for safety and asks him to look into the affair.

Highland Drummer and Soldier at Slope, Pre War 9 cm and Three London Souvenir Items Of British @[email protected] Life Guard and Horse Guard, on wooded plinths, 12cm. Post War. 5 Pieces Condition Very Good.

Are you looking for the best toy soldiers released this year? Trains and Toy Soldiers maintains substantial inventory of the biggest names in toy soldiers today. Are you searching you something really hard to find? Send us a quick note on our contact page , and we will double check our inventory and keep an eye out for iwhat you are looking for.

Trains and Toy Soldiers is not biggest e-store out there, but we will match anyone’s customer service. Toy soldiers are miniature figures that not only represent military men and women but also include cowboys, wild west figures, knights, pirates, vikings and many others. Toy soldiers have delighted generations of children and collectors alike. Varying from simple playthings to highly detailed and realistic pieces, toy soldiers are made from all types of material; hollowcast metal, tin, plastic and wood flour composition, metal and plastic being the most popular.

Metal soldiers were generally sold in sets while plastic figures were sold both individually and in boxed sets of soldiers, cowboys and Indians and knights and medieval figures. Dimestore figures, made of lead and produced in the United States, were very popular and highly collectible today. Different scales of toy soldiers ranging from gaming miniatures approximately 25mm to composition figures approximately 75mm in height have been produced for decades. Today the two most popular sizes of metal figures being manufactured are in 54mm and 60mm, while plastic figures range in size from 15mm to 60mm.

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Get the lead out, toy soldiers ordered December 14, By Dan Fesperman Dan Fesperman,Staff Writer With less than two weeks to go before Christmas, war is again at hand in the ageless realm of the toy soldier. But this time the soldiers are up against lawyers and health officials on the far field of a hearing room in Albany, N. The tiny men of metal may have finally met their match. Chassin, is lead poisoning.

Although department spokesmen say none of the state’s thousands of annual cases of lead poisoning has been attributed to model soldiers, Dr.

Jun 27,  · Toy soldiers have probably been around as long as real soldiers. But mass-produced toy soldiers only date to the s, when new manufacturing .

Enlarge These toy soldiers are part of a collection once owned by Californian doctor Bill McDade ‘I suppose they were the toys I couldn’t afford when I was a child,’ he says. Little white-haired Bill Kingsman is 73, and has been collecting and dealing in model soldiers almost since he left the Army, after five years as a drummer with the Seaforth Highlanders.

At Bonhams, he whisked out of his pocket a photograph of himself in the full glory of his ceremonial uniform – looking charmingly like a toy soldier. Today, he lives in Maidstone, but his customers extend all over Britain: His own vast collection emphasises Scottish figures, ‘but we’re magpies, aren’t we? We pick up all sorts of things that take our fancy.

Around 60 collectors and dealers, almost all past middle age, battled for the spoils. I asked one of them, from Surrey, why he was willing to pay several hundred pounds for eight little running figures in scarlet tunics: And it’s history, isn’t it? A Royal Horse Artillery team with howitzer made in Yes, it is. I do not collect toy soldiers, but discreetly at the top of the house I hoard a few from my own past. I love them as tokens of a great national heritage. I am still enchanted by those lines of brilliantly coloured little figures: Cameron Highlanders in their kilts and sporrans, 21st Lancers with fluttering pennons, the Warwickshire Regiment at present arms.

Lead Army toy soldiers and miniatures catalog.

It is first mentioned by name in and is probably named after the river Ieperlee on the banks of which it was founded. As the third largest city in the County of Flanders after Ghent and Bruges Ypres played an important role in the history of the textile industry. In , a major fire ruined much of the old city. The famous Cloth Hall was built in the thirteenth century.

Collecting W. Britains Toy Soldiers – Recommended Reference Books and their Importance W. Britains Limited initiated hollowcast toy soldiers in , and although ceasing production in , their products have fascinated “young boys”, regardless of age ever since.

How to Cast Tin Soldiers Introduction I have often encountered great difficulty in the actual casting of miniatures. It is an exact science, and takes great skill and experience. You’d think it was pretty straight forward; melt the metal and pour it in the little hole. For those of us who don’t have the skill required to make our own molds like me , and therefore buy molds, that is pretty much it.

Of course, it takes a lot of practice and patience, as the castings don’t always come out quite right. I have experienced having to cast the same figure more than ten times before getting a satisfactory result. Here is an example of a painted miniature cast with a store-bought mold: This one has a fairly high level of detail, and the fact that the mold is proffessionaly machined allows for cavities like the space between the legs.

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I always liked the idea of a Heli with a Santa Claus. I know about the toy with a dumb looking Santa. I will attempt to sculpt a more realistic Santa for a 4 ch rc Heli.

February 22nd, by admin Contributed by www. There is a long-standing interest that seems to be growing of collecting Antique Toy Soldiers or troops and battalions of these metallic Lilliputians. The most widely known organization for Antique Soldier collectors is the Miniature Figure Collectors of America that regularly convenes at various locations where avid collectors and dealers meet in admiration of the miniature martial arts. In these collectors meetings, many awards are usually handed out with a categorical diversification rivaling the Oscars.

To the regular person, this may seem a passion appropriate only to little boys, but amassing toy soldiers is becoming ever more recognized as a serious collecting concern. It is certainly becoming a great deal more expensive, a fact that may contribute to its apparent new image. Commerce is definitely taking accelerated note of the hobby. The sums fetched are always noteworthy, rivaling amounts produced at London Auction houses.

These auctions provide good examples of what models sell for — and how, in general, prices are exceeding expectations. The appreciation in value of miniatures is dramatic. Orson Munn, who should know on two counts, since he is both an avid collector and a money manager, recalls: I remember walking home from school to save subway money so I could buy a box of soldiers for sixty-nine cents. Those soldiers are now bringing up to eighty dollars a box.

An increase in value of 50, percent is not uncommon.

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Please see our Wool Drop Spindle Only for the historical background on drop spindles for wool. Likewise, see our Wool Roving for the historical background on wool roving. The use of the distaff by women was very common during Medieval times and the term “distaff side” of one’s family became known as the maternal relations of the family. Do you know who your “distaff relatives” are? A Massachusetts law required young people to learn the art of spinning and weaving.

Shreds of cotton cloth and cotton bolls have been discovered in a Mexican cave that are at least 7, years old.

Group of lead and metal toy soldiers and accessories est. value $$ Group of lead and metal toy soldiers and accessories est. value $$

Rare Charbens Clown Policeman c. Mint in a plastic box c. This collector’s figure is 7 cm high and is made from a type of light resin. Modelled by Westair Co. It is in good all original condition with some paint loss as can be seen in the pictures. The baby is 25mm high. There is a small hole on the top from the original mould and a little paint loss as can be seen in the pictures as well as a couple of minute holes in the base.

Pre-war A rare Britains London policeman with helmet in good all original condition. This figure was issued pre-war in the railway set. Some paint loss as can be seen in the pictures. It has some paint loss which does not detract from the figure. Station Guard with green flag in good all original condition. Very little paint loss. It is 60mm high.

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The first American plastic toy soldiers were made by Beton (Bergen Toy & Novelty Co.) in Beton also acquired the molds of another pre-war plastic figure company, Universal Plastics with their figures remaining for sale when lead toy production was stopped in

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Beton also acquired the molds of another pre-war plastic figure company, Universal Plastics with their figures remaining for sale when lead toy production was stopped in The Beton figures were painted like metal figures and sold the same as their metal brethren; individually or in a boxed set of around seven figures. Following World War II, plastic manufacture was seen as an industry with growth potential with many old and new companies making plastic figures that were widely available in the United States.

Army men following the war were sold unpainted, usually in a green colour corresponding to United States Army uniforms in World War II. Plastic figures were sold en masse in clear plastic bags with an illustrated header card in different sizes and prices since the early s. Beginning in the early s, Louis Marx and Company sold boxed sets of figures and accessories called playsets, such as “US Army Training Center” and the later “Battleground” sets.

Taylor & Barrett produced a number of toys, usually made of lead (by the hollow casting process). The company was established by two brothers-in-law: Fred Taylor and A.R. Barrett. They produced road signs, petrol pumps and street lamps, plus fire engines and a rather attractive-looking trolleybus.

What are Military Miniatures? Johnson Toy soldiers date back to antiquity with samples found in tombs and archeological excavations dating back to Egyptian and Roman times. Toy Soldiers Collecting considerable numbers of these miniature warrior replicas on a large scale has been a twentieth and twenty-first century phenomena. The times before, during, and after World War II were watershed periods for youngsters collecting and playing with toy soldiers.

After World War II, a division in the toy soldier field materialized: Toy soldiers were usually hardy and rugged little figures most often made of metal, strong and colorful gloss paint, and intended for sandboxes as well as display shelves. As toy soldiers proliferated in sizes and shapes, the manufacturing materials were amended to include a wood and glue substance called composition, and eventually plastic. And while composition and plastic as well as metal were fine for the toybox, the emerging model figures were too delicate and expensive to be played with.

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In one display, explosions propel unfortunate German WWI infantry soldiers high into the air as their companions crawl under barbed wire and cannons target their enemy. In another, a pitched battle breaks out between medieval armies of armored French knights mounted on horses. The scene is so realistic one can almost hear the stomping of horses and the clanging of swords.

Britains Ltd. antique lead toy soldiers, cowboys, snipers, and even a rare s. rare version -solid cast lead soldier holding an orange airplane propeller away from head -this is a very rare version — aprox.

He is also offering some of his figures for sale, so check it out. Alexander has an excellent set of uniform pages dedicated to Napoleonic era, scanned form original plates and many images of the flats directly scanned. Pictures, identification guides, manufacturers’ catalogues, background information. A valuable source for that era. The largest and longest established association of model soldier enthusiasts.

All sorts of models -cars, tanks, boats, planes, figures.

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