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Rare 5-speed manual transmission to enable full appreciation of the bhp V8 powerplant, this special order vehicle also has the sunroof, sports seats and seat heating extra options. Being one of the final S2s it also benefits from the S4 running gear. Lovely Smoke Silver Metallic with rare black Sportline check upholstery. Only , genuine miles with FSH, full MB main dealer history up to and specialist maintenance thereafter, this fantastic baby Benz has been in the same caring family for the past 6 years and has never wanted for anything, such has been the commendable level of attention and money levelled at it. Although K is a low mileage for the sturdy , in reality one could easily assume it has only covered half that mileage — it possesses that sweetness, tautness and aura of solidity that only the best-maintained Mercedes’ exhibit. PAS, central locking, electric mirror. Aside from the 2. It gives the car a much more sporting flavour and is far superior in both appearance and quality than the standard bland cloth fabric.

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Well here is an update. After having separated the body from the rolling chassis see previous post by clicking here , two main tasks have been taken care of: What I mean is that only after one skins the shell in this case by sandblasting , can truly assess the actual condition of the metal, which more often than not, in old cars has been surfaced by several coats of body filler and paint, effectively hiding its true condition. The bonnet or front trunk hood has been badly treated apparently after a front end collision.

Many pieces were made with matte green glaze, some with a metallic black overglaze, but other colors such as brown, yellow, blue, pink and maroon were also made. These items are considered to be part of the arts and crafts movement and are highly regarded by art pottery enthusiasts.

In the Continental Congress adopted brown, not blue, as the official color for the uniforms. This was already a popular color with the New England Provincials. Various regiments were distinguished by different color collars, cuffs and lapels, while the cut of the coat was similar to the British, albeit plainer. The plan under General George Washington was to have the Continental Army all in uniform by the beginning of , but this was only partially successful.

After a few months of campaigning, the earliest uniforms were already worn out, while there were also shortages of brown cloth. As a result many regiments used the colors of blue or gray instead. This increased when, in the spring of , a shipment of blue coats arrived from France. The infantry were to be clothed in dark blue with different facings and distinctions to denote the states from which the soldier came.

Musicians wore uniform coats in reverse color, however. This European-style military dress was in scarce supply, but American hunting dress—the type worn by frontiersman in Pennsylvania and Virginia, and which derived from Native American clothing—was used as a supplementary solution. Washington had some 10, sets furnished to the army.

Revolutionary Headdress Military fashion in the era generally followed styles embedded in civilian society and this is seen in the cocked hats or tricorn hats that were worn by the major powers, including the Continental Army. There were attempts at military elitism, where field officers attached red or pink cockades to their hats, while captains displayed cockades in yellow or black. There were several different styles of the tricorn hats, but typically these were worn with the front corner directly over the left eye, which was done to avoid a conflict while carrying the musket.

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In , rank insignia was changed over to a subdued (black on olive green) pattern, and in , all insignia worn on the tropical combat uniform was changed to subdued. At the same time, rank insignia for enlisted personnel was moved from the sleeve to the point on the collar.

The more you look, the more you see. Throughout the cabin are few straight lines and degree joints, if any. Instead, surfaces and controls are rounded, coved, or arched. Real stitching is used to join seams of the seats, shifter boot and soft material used on the door panels and around the instruments. Chrome and wood trim are used judiciously, tastefully, and the materials in the headliner and upper parts of the cabin look and feel like premium material.

Technology and Features[ edit ] The 2. The trunk was only accessible using the key fob Remote Keyless Entry or a touch sensor between the trunk lid and the license plate. The year model added a remote release button at the left of the steering wheel on the instrument panel. The model refresh returned the trunk release button to LaCrosse but placed it on the driver door.

The non-hybrid 4-cylinder is no longer offered.

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By George Straton, May 22, at 9: And to think that this new Buick Regal sedan nearly made it to our shores by the name of Saturn Aura, before the General’s decision to deep six its former “celestial” division. FYI, according to 49 U. We are happy to report the Buick Regal Turbo has been spared that gratuitous “Buick bling” of the fender portholes. Aft of the B-pillar the Buick Regal Turbo looks takes on bold styling cues with bulging fenders, sculpted door panels, sloping rearwards roof and high belt-line.

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By Mary Gormandy White 4 In addition to being an essential part of advertising and brand identity, car company logos provide a powerful visual image for auto consumers. Each automobile manufacturer has a unique logo, many of which have changed dramatically over the years. In some cases, these logos are tied to the company’s history in surprising ways.

Parker: to the present All orders received while we were at the Madrid Pen Show have now been shipped. The shop will be closed again this week on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It also elaborates on the connection with the Kabbalah and John Dee. So this sparked my interesting in returning to John Dee and reading about him and his Enochian Magic. Those who are interested in these topics probably know that Dee signed his letters with two circles zeros and a seven: Dee’s learning was far and wide, a brilliant mathematician, whose study ranged from geo-cartography and calculus which was vital in navigating the New World for explorers, to astrology, alchemy, the Cabala, cypher writing, religion, architecture, and science.

In short, Dee’s metaphysics were a ‘red’ cross of the Hermetic tradition with a strong dose of mathematics. His library at the riverside village of Mortlake was considered the finest private collection in Europe containing thousands of bound books and handwritten manuscripts devoted to philosophy, science and esoterica. In comparison the University of Cambridge at the time had a mere total books and manuscripts in their possession.

Noel Fermor in the journal Baconiana wrote that, “The Earl of Leicester’s father, the Duke of Northumberland, employed Dee as a tutor to his children so that they would have a sound scientific upbringing. Northumberland became a notable scientist with a strong leaning toward mathematics and magnetism. Leicester signed his letters to Elizabeth with two circles containing dots symbolising he was her “Eyes” Elizabeth was very much interested in the occult.

Dee was responsible for choosing the most auspicious date for Elizabeth’s coronation which was on January 15th, The Queen was so impressed by Dee that she eventually travelled with her court to Mortlake, for the purpose of seeing his great library. Dee has been defamed through the centuries as a necromancer, but it’s the opinion of many writers that his angelic-cabalistic- alchemical work, his Philosophers Stone, the “Monad Hieroglyphica” may have been a cover for covert operations carried on in the name of her majesty.

The was the insignia number that Elizabeth was to use for private communiques between her Court and Dee.

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Economy issue badges war-time During both World Wars there was a shortage of manpower and metals. As a result, cheaper badges were produced. For WW1 many pre-war bi-metallic badges were made as single-metal all-brass badges. For WW2, badges were made from Bakelite. Soldiers did not like these and would discard them if they could find a better quality pre-war example.

ne of Parkers more daring models was the Frontier, introduced in It had a moulded ABS barrel with a stainless steel cap and a gold plated stainless steel nib. It also had a Diamonite trim, a gold plating method with 50% gold and 50%.

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As part of armour[ edit ] Gorget in a full suit of armour In the High Middle Ages, when mail was the primary form of metal body armor used in Western Europe, the Mail coif protected the neck and lower face. During the 14th century as more plate armor appeared to supplement mail, the Bascinet helmet incorporated a mail curtain called the Aventail which protected the lower face, neck and shoulders. A separate mail collar called a “pisan” or “standard” was sometimes worn under the aventail as additional protection.

Through the early 15th century, gorget plates were integrated into the helmet itself to form the great bascinet.

The basic components of the uniform are: an eight point cap, blue cotton undershirt, shirt, trousers, belt with closed-faced buckle, black boot socks, blousing straps, black 9″ steel-toed leather boots, embroider rank insignia and service & name tapes.

Single-headed eagle[ edit ] Flavius Anastasius consul in in consular garb, holding an eagle-topped sceptre The single-headed Roman imperial eagle continued to be used in Byzantium, although far more rarely. It is not of Byzantine invention, but a traditional Anatolian motif dating to Hittite times, and the Byzantines themselves only used it in the last centuries of the Empire. Although was based on no evidence whatsoever, this view gained wide acceptance and circulation.

Soloviev argued in favour of a late adoption around , as a talisman against the first Ottoman successes in Anatolia, as a symbolic gesture reaffirming Byzantine rule over both European and Asian territories. The Palaiologan emperors used the double-headed eagle as a symbol of the senior members of the imperial family. It was mostly used on clothes and other accoutrements, as codified in the mid th century by pseudo-Kodinos in his Book of Offices.

According to Kodinos, the emperor bore special boots tzangia with eagles made of pearls on both shins and on the instep; [19] the Despots wore similar boots of white and purple, and featured pearl-embroidered eagles on their saddles, while the saddle cloth and their tents were white decorated with red eagles. Single-headed eagles are also attested in Trapezuntine coins, and a source depicts the Trapezuntine flag as yellow with a red single-headed eagle.

Apparently, just as in the metropolitan Byzantine state, the use of both motifs, single and double-headed, continued side by side. Since the 6th century, crosses with quartered letters are known, especially from coinage, forming the acronyms of various invocations, e. It was placed on the walls of Galata , apparently as a sign of the Byzantine emperor’s—largely theoretical—suzerainty over the Genoese colony.

Along with the double-headed eagle, the tetragrammic cross was also adopted as part of their family coat of arms by the cadet line of the Palaiologos dynasty ruling in Montferrat. Nevertheless, as Philip Grierson points out, the use of letters by the Greeks as symbols was a long-established practice, and their identifications as firesteels by Kodinos probably reflects Western influence.

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The land of Grippo’s and Kroger To follow up, here’s the sea navy stuff. The oceanic branch of the Central Galactic Navy is tasked with defence of the seas, rivers, and coasts of the Republic’s many worlds. The Spacy descends ultimately from the sea navy, developing out of the ancient Terran naval aviation program and its interests in space warfare and deployment.

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Emblems Sentence Examples The latter is one ofthe Japanese emblems of longevity. As far as can be judged, the emblems of the original Physiologus were the following: I the lion footprints rubbed out with tail; sleeps with eyes open; cubs receive life only three days after birth by their father’s breath ; 2 the sun-lizard restores its sight by looking at the sun ; 3 the charadrius Deut.

He was never allowed to appear without these emblems of office, every day being considered a holy day for him. To Gregory it was intolerable that a layman, whether emperor, king or baron, should invest a churchman with the emblems of spiritual office; ecclesiastical investiture should come only from ecclesiastics. His image and name are often found on “votive hands,” a kind of talisman adorned with emblems, the nature of which is obscure. A Texet’ij ” initiatory ceremony ” of women by a woman also took place at Eleusis, characterized by obscene jests and the use of phallic emblems.

The sacramental meal on this occasion consisted of the produce of land and sea, certain things pomegranates, honey, eggs being forbidden for mystical reasons. Dogs were held in considerable veneration by the Egyptians, from whose tyranny the Israelites had just escaped; figures of them appeared on the friezes of most of the temples, and they were regarded as emblems of the divine being. If before this application of the molten glass the metallic leaf, whilst resting on the thin film of blown glass, was etched with a sharp point, patterns, emblems, inscriptions and pictures could be embedded and rendered permanent by the double coating of glass.

They are the broken bases of drinking vessels containing inscriptions, emblems, domestic scenes and portraits etched in gold leaf. The eleventh tablet narrates the deluge; the twelfth associates the apotheosis of Eabani with the zodiacal emblems of the resurrection.

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