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The Dominican Republic is a sovereign state occupying the eastern five-eighths of the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region. The western three-eighths of the island is occupied by the nation of Haiti. The Atlantic Ocean forms its northern border and the Caribbean Sea its southern coast. Both by area and population the Dominican Republic is the second-largest Caribbean nation after Cuba , with 48, square kilometers 18, square miles and 10, , people in The official language is Spanish. Its walled, cobblestoned old core, the Zona Colonial, features buildings dating to the s, including the cathedral, which was the first built in the New World. Yet Santo Domingo is vibrant and cosmopolitan, known for its nightlife, merengue and bachata music and fervent baseball culture. The Dominican Republic has a rugged and mountainous terrain with fertile valleys in the central and eastern areas. At 3, meters 10, feet above sea level Pico Duarte is the highest peak in the Dominican Republic, and all the Caribbean islands.

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UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. Minorities and indigenous peoples Main languages: Christianity Roman Catholic , syncretic African religions The majority of the population around 70 per cent are of mixed African and European Spanish descent, with the remainder black around 16 per cent and white 14 per cent. Haitians, who together represent a substantial minority of up to a million people, form a distinct cultural and linguistic group within the Dominican Republic.

Although many Dominicans have Haitian ancestors and connections, anti-Haitian xenophobia is rife. This is partly a legacy of the two countries’ troubled history and also a reflection of Haitians’ low economic status.

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Santiago de Los Caballeros is the second city of the Dominican Republic. Santiago is located in the Cibao Valley in the north of the country, miles north-west of Santo Domingo. Cibao valley Santiago was founded in during the first phase of the Spanish colonization of the New World and had a strategic importance in the Dominican War of Independence in Santiago is the economic capital of the Dominican Republic, with about 1, , inhabitants.

It’s served by Cibao International Airport , 10 miles from the city. Cibao International Airport On the outskirts of Santiago there is a beautiful golf course with 18 holes, par 70, designed by Pete Dye, the Las Aromas Golf Club , the course winds through rolling hills and tobacco plantations, with a spectacular view over the city and the Cibao Valley. Las Aromas Golf Club The province of Santiago de Los Caballeros is located in the fertile Cibao Valley, in the heart of the region of tobacco and rum, and is the industrial center of the Dominican Republic.

The city of Santiago, the capital of the province, is the second city of the country, in size and importance, internationally famous for its tobacco plantations and the ancient tradition of producing handmade of the finest premium Dominican cigars, sold on the world market.

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Health Care in the DR A City of Many Firsts In The New World Santo Domingo, the first capital of the Americas and the present day capital of the Dominican Republic, is the largest metropolitan city in the Caribbean with a population of approximately 3 million and an area a little over 40 square miles.

The city was devastated by yet another hurricane in which left the city in need of serious repair. After this rebuilding, it was named Ciudad Trujillo after Dictator Rafael Trujillo, who was later assassinated in The city went back to its original name. There is a sizable immigrant community in Santo Domingo made up in large part of Haitians who have crossed the border of the island Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic in search of jobs and opportunities.

The middle class in Santo Domingo is growing rapidly however there is still a high percentage of people living in poverty in the growing capital and across the nation. Santo Domingo has both an elevated and a subterranean metro system. This transportation system is still under construction and according to plans should have a total of six lines when completed. In the city, taxis, be they car or motorcycle, are common forms of transportation.

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Car Washes Car washes are a central area of activity in most barrios in all corners of the DR. If it is a medium to large one then there may be a bar connected to it quite possibly with a restaurant. If a car wash evolves to be a certain size then a convenience store bodega may open up there.

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I’m exploring the web to find sites I like The Dominican way of life. When travelling to the Dominican Republic it is good to know some of the countries culture, customs and etiquettes. I researched my archive and surfed the web to compile some of the most interesting customs and characteristics of the wonderful Dominican people. Best Deals When travelling to the Dominican Republic it is good to know some of the countries culture, customs and etiquettes. You will be surprised to see how Dominicans who have never met each other can strike up a conversation like they have been best friends forever.

Strangers greet each other as amigo or amiga. Before addressing someone it is expected that you properly salute this person. Dominicans welcome each other and say goodbye by touching cheeks while making a kissing sound.

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He explains that sancocho is the national dish of the dominican people. It is made with a variety of meals and vegetables such as pork, beef, goat, sweet potatoes. Must people like to cook sancocho to share with the family.

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Currency Conversion Overview Santo Domingo is dependable. If you know where to look, every night here can be a party. Feel free to soak in it, date some chicas and hang out for awhile. While some are black as spades and others very fair, the majority are somewhere in the middle. To generalise, the population are a mix of Latin and African genes, with most being pretty dark. While many sport a wee bit of a belly, expect fantastic tits and ass to compensate.

Exceptional beauties are hard to find, but there is not shortage of sexy chicks about to take home. No shit, I actually hooked up with that girl in the picture my first night in in DR. However, most Dominican women look more like Arlenis Sosa pictured here. Most of the girls have very little if any English.

This means you will need to Pipeline in Spanish, not English. Beware, some girls are on the game so you might end up shoring. Many men report bringing a innocent seeming Dominican girl back home only to find she wants money the next morning.

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This article was last revised on Venues frequently change and get closed down, so keep that in mind when reading and make sure to do additional research before visiting a recommended venue in this article. Nightlife here in the Dominican Republic is different than in most countries. There are also a lot of tables. This is different than the western style of nightlife where people go out and mingle with each other.

In western countries there is more standing and more action at the bar.

The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with the nation of Haiti. Hispaniola defines the northern rim of the Caribbean Sea along with Cuba, which lies just to the west, and Puerto Rico, Hispaniola’s eastern neighbor.

I wanted to share with you my affinity for Dominican girls and how to seduce them. I absolutely loved my time in the country and I will be back. What are Dominican women Like? The Dominican Republic is an interesting country. The country is predominately black, but the vast majority of the people have some type of mixed blood. I now consider myself an equal opportunity lover.

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Arrival of Christopher Columbus. At the time, the island’s territory consisted of five chiefdoms: Dating from , when the Spanish settled on the island, and officially from 5 August , Santo Domingo became the oldest European city in the Americas. Bartholomew Columbus founded the settlement and named it La Nueva Isabela, after an earlier settlement in the north named after the Queen of Spain Isabella I.

Santo Domingo came to be known as the “Gateway to the Caribbean” and the chief town in Hispaniola from then on. Zona Colonial National pantheon.

These are the best restaurants in Santo Domingo, and that’s just part of the fun. Finding a great restaurant in Santo Domingo is not hard, and we have talked about some of the best in this amazing city that is truly part of the best in the world.

Joe Schmidt Joe Schmidt is a former world traveler who now lives year-round in the Dominican Republic. You can read more of his travel articles by visiting his website: The Dominican Republic is a popular place for foreigners, and one of the main reasons is that the women here are attractive and feminine.

The best part of all is that they are open to dating foreigners, and some even prefer foreigners. There are black girls, white girls, and everything in between. But one thing they all have in common is that they have great bodies. Their bodies develop at an early age and they usually have curves—either a small subtle curve or a much larger curve for thicker girls.

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The Dominican Republic became a nation on 27 February when a group of revolutionaries seized power from the Haitian rulers of the island of Hispaniola. A few years later the city of Santo Domingo became the Spanish capital of the New World, and because of its location in the trade winds, it was the gateway to the Caribbean.

France gained a foothold on the western end of the island, which became prosperous, and by Spain ceded the entire island to France. By the black African slaves in the western portion of the island now Haiti rebelled against the French and ruled the entire island. French troops eventually reclaimed the island, but were able to occupy only the western end.

A more detailed detailed description of the Dominican look is in the Santo Domingo guide. Udon Thani Nightlife, Dating & Lifestyle; The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Guest Post) 6 Responses to Santiago City Guide (Dominican Republic).

Weddings Traditions and Requirements on Dominican Republic Before you head to the Dominican Republic to get married, make sure you’ve gathered all of the right paperwork In a world where weddings can be whatever the bride and groom dream them to be, Dominican Republic ceremonies trend towards the traditional. The advent of destination weddings has brought more variety to the Dominican Republic wedding scene, but couples choosing to wed on the island might feel it is important to incorporate some of the traditions to their own ceremony.

Traditionally, the man proposes to the woman, and then it is up to the bride’s family to put together the ceremony. Unlike in the United States, it is not considered bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. In fact, it is several hours before the wedding that the families join together to take the wedding pictures. Another custom that is different in the Dominican Republic is that weddings do not consist of large bridal parties, rather just the bride and the groom, three young relatives who carry flowers, coins, and the bible down the aisle, and the padrinos, or godparents of the wedding.

The padrinos are typically the mother of the groom and the father of the bride, and are there to serve as witnesses to the marriage. Two of the most important traditions in a Dominican Republic ceremony are the arras and the ceremonia contada.

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Photo Zona Bici, a bicycle-rental shop. Often bypassed in favor of beach resorts like Punta Cana or Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo is a city that deserves more attention than it gets. Its energetic night life — complete with nonstop bachata music — and idyllic location on the Caribbean are just two of the highlights. Start in the sprawling Plaza de la Cultura. Skip the Museo de Historia Natural, with its dusty taxidermy installations and the occasional living, but apparently depressed, snake.

Exterior. When looking for hotels in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel & Casino is a historic landmark in the city.

The city is a wonderful mix of history and modernity, and is an incredible place to tour and visit. Here are some top tips for when you visit. Los Tres Ojos This natural wonder and cave complex is perfect for a day tour. You can enter the beautiful structures by foot or by boat the latter is a little bit more exciting! The gallery exhibits some the Caribbean’s most important collection of art works. Calle las Damas A beautiful part of the city – here you can see a sundial dating back to and visit the Institute for Hispanic Culture.

National Palace An exquisite building built on beautiful park grounds, and the offices of the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the state; it is an important cultural point of interest. National Botanical Garden This should definitely be high on your list to visit as it is considered by some to be the best garden of its kind in the world.

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