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Future[ edit ] Matt Mullenweg has stated that the future of WordPress is in social, mobile, and as an application platform. According to Secunia , WordPress in April had seven unpatched security advisories out of 32 total , with a maximum rating of “Less Critical”. Secunia maintains an up-to-date list of WordPress vulnerabilities. A separate inspection of the top e-commerce plugins showed that seven of them were vulnerable. Users can also protect their WordPress installations by taking steps such as keeping all WordPress installation, themes, and plugins updated, using only trusted themes and plugins, [91] editing the site’s. It is especially important to keep WordPress plugins updated because would-be hackers can easily list all the plugins a site uses, and then run scans searching for any vulnerabilities against those plugins. If vulnerabilities are found, they may be exploited to allow hackers to upload their own files such as a PHP Shell script that collect sensitive information.

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We assist people who are vulnerable and most in need, such as youth and children, seniors, people with disabilities and humanitarian entrants, with our diverse programs ranging from aged care and disability services to case management for new arrivals, information sessions and support groups. Share SydWest Driving New Opportunities for Job-seekers in Blacktown The Blacktown Employment Accelerator is on again for , a unique event aiming to drive new job opportunities for multicultural job-seekers of the Blacktown area.

Leaders from the business community will come together with job-ready job-seekers from refugee, migrant backgrounds and people with disabilities for speed-dating recruitment meetings to accelerate employment outcomes for everyone involved. This event will assist people from diverse backgrounds who are job-seekers to make new connections, connect with sustainable employment opportunities and expand their networks and increase their employability chances.

We are looking forward to continuing to drive accelerated employment outcomes for our new arrivals — including refugees, who are often highly qualified but experience barriers to employment — by bringing employers and job-seekers together, we believe real, sustained employment outcomes can be achieved.

Press Office Contact: Andy Freeberg, [email protected], () SLAC is a multi-program laboratory exploring frontier questions in photon science, astrophysics, particle physics and accelerator research.

Electric milk floats come in three wheel and four wheel versions, the latter normally larger. They are very quiet, suiting operations in residential areas during the early hours of the morning or during the night. Most electric milk floats do not have seat belts, and the law in the United Kingdom only requires wearing seat belts where these are fitted in the vehicle. Most of the vehicles operate from the Grandtully Depot in Kelvindale. Some dairies in the UK, including Dairy Crest , have had to modernise and have replaced their electric milk floats with petrol or diesel fuel -powered vehicles to speed up deliveries and thus increase profit.

Manufacturers[ edit ] There were many manufacturers of milk floats in Britain during the 20th century. Brush Electrical Engineering Company had been established in , and had manufactured electric cars between and In , Brush required some small electric tractor units, but as none were commercially available, they asked AE Morrison and Sons to produce a design for one. Morrisons produced a 3-wheeled design, which Brush then used to manufacture a number of units for internal use.

They then began selling them to customers, shipping a large order to Russia in They expanded to producing battery electric road vehicles in , [4] when they bought designs and manufacturing rights from Metrovick.

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Star Tribune – Solar speed dating matches consumers with firms that are building solar gardens Share: But the shared solar option poses some challenges for consumers who may find it difficult to put their arms around such an intangible product. Customers make monthly subscription payments to the solar garden operator, but reduce or eliminate their payments to Xcel.

3 days ago · With options ranging from cafés to games, and from holidays to dating services, this will bring disruption to many sectors. “This process will be moving full speed ahead in just a few years. To remain competitive, companies in the industries we have identified will have to develop new strategies. Submit Press Release.

They last met on the island of Kauai when Reeves was When Reeves was 15, he worked as a production assistant on Aaron’s films. She subsequently married her fourth husband, a hairdresser named Jack Bond. The marriage ended in Grandparents and nannies babysat Reeves and his sisters, and Reeves grew up primarily in the Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto.

He later dropped out and did not obtain a high school diploma. He obtained a green card through his American stepfather and moved to Los Angeles three years later. Shortly after the movie’s release, Reeves drove to Los Angeles in his Volvo. His stepfather had convinced Erwin Stoff in advance to be Reeves’s manager and agent. Stoff has remained Reeves’s manager, and has co-produced many of his films. The same year he had a breakout role in the movie Parenthood.

From , Reeves played bass guitar in the grunge band Dogstar. During the early s, Reeves started to break out of his teen-film period.

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But it’s more than just whether someone is hot or not. Whether or not we like to admit it, we all may make snap judgments about a new face. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than in speed dating, during which people decide on someone’s romantic potential in just a few seconds. How they make those decisions, however, is not well understood. But now, researchers at the California Institute of Technology Caltech have found that people make such speed-dating decisions based on a combination of two different factors that are related to activity in two distinct parts of the brain.

Unsurprisingly, the first factor in determining whether someone gets a lot of date requests is physical attractiveness.

According to a press release from the brand, the liquid foundation offers medium to full coverage and will range anywhere from $$, depending on where it’s being sold.

Whisky Blethers is billed as the chance to spend an evening with key industry players and ask them all about the craft that they love and cherish. Share a drink with members of the Macpherson-Grant family and learn about their venture into traditional whisky making. With distillery host Brian Robinson, guests will see what it means to make whisky without the use of automation in a detailed but relaxed look into the distillery, learning about its whisky making process and finding out why it was awarded Icons of Whisky Craft Producer of the Year and What does a whisky tasting in Dufftown have in common with Star Wars?

Speyside has its own whisky line, on which a heritage railway links Dufftown and Keith, and the operators are planning a hooley when passengers will enjoy the sounds of lively local ceilidh band Footerin Aboot, along with a dram and shortbread or whisky cake while passing by some great Speyside scenery. The first Ceilidh On A Train return trip departing from Dufftown has completely sold out but there are still some tickets for the final journey on the afternoon of Saturday, May 5.

Hats off to the whisky lovers who came up with a novel take on speed dating, the chance to meet whisky experts and discuss a shared love, over a dram or two of course. For further information and tickets visit www. The Festival is also active on social media: Use the hashtag dram18 Photographs: Posted in Events

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From a knowledge perspective, educated consumers are aware of the shift of assets out of banks and brokerage houses into independent custodians. However, statistics alone oftentimes are not enough evidence to provide comfort to a transitioning financial advisor. Advisors need to understand exactly how the service model their clients have come to expect will be able to be replicated.

This service model needs to span the deliverable spectrum, from access to investment products to the utilization of human capital for estate planning or insurance solutions. The beauty of the independent advisory movement is its tremendous level of flexibility, which can create a far superior client experience.

Dating back to the Egyptians, chemical peels have long been a favorite for revitalizing skin. With a wide range of combinations of acids and enzymes in various concentrations from mild and moderate to deep, facial plastic surgeons can treat sun damage, brown spots, wrinkles, acne and improve lackluster skin tone and texture with peels.

The event focused predominantly on pharmaceutical process technology and the challenges of innovative biopharmaceuticals and active substances for industrial production and filling facilities. Another area discussed was the requirements of industry and science for successful scale-up from laboratory to industrial production.

Ralf Takors from the Institute of Biochemical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart provided insights into current market figures for biopharmaceuticals and future trends in bioprocess production. Takors explained that according to a study published by Aggarwal et al. He also believes that the future of biotechnological production lies in what is known as continuous production in bioreactors with small volumes. Single-use applications also seem to be increasingly entering the focus of the pharmaceutical production industry.

Speed networking for accelerating business contacts Before lunch, all attending companies had the opportunity to give short presentations about their activities and priorities as well as possible starting points for cooperation in order to prepare the speed business meeting and get to know each other.

After lunch, all attendees were given eight minutes to meet one another in turn, present their company and talk about opportunities for joint projects or exchange experiences.

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In the afternoon experienced travel bloggers will be offered 8-minute time slots in order to exchange views with partners from the global tourism industry. Following this invitation co-exhibitors will also be able to register. Buyers and exhibitors who wish to emphasise particular interests and key topics in order to find matching partners can do so in their profile descriptions. Participants may only attend the networking event by pre-arranged appointment and will receive a short list of confirmed dates before the event.

On 8 March they can make use of up to nine 8-minute slots for face-to-face meetings. That way, participants will be able to make the most of their newly established contacts.

European Commission – Press Release details page – The Commission has adopted the Annual Economic Report for , which will now be sent to the Council for adoption, after consultation of Parliament and of the Economic and Social Committee. In line with the Commission decision on convergence dating from , the annual reports take stock of the economic.

Download Full-Res Image Those are key conclusions of a new University of Utah study that provides the first definitive date for the landslide and estimates its size and dynamics, including a speed likely as fast as mph. The huge landslide had a volume of million cubic meters or Computer simulations matched known landslide deposits and show the huge slide rushed southeast across Zion Canyon in about 20 seconds, with an average speed of mph and a peak speed of to mph.

Then, for 30 more seconds, the slide debris spread up and down Zion Canyon. The other aspect is the extreme hazard that a similar event would pose if it happened today. The Sentinel slide and another, about one-fifth as big, in Hop Valley in the northern part of the park some 2, years ago. The 4, year-old landslide deposit still produces many smaller slides, including one in that damaged the road between the visitor center and the lodge, Moore says.

Jessica Castleton, University of Utah Volunteer Scott Castleton and University of Utah geologist Jeff Moore collect rock samples from boulders for a new study that provides the first direct date — 4, years ago — for a a gargantuan landslide in what is now Zion National Park, Utah. Because of their large volume, they are relatively rare. Some people initially thought Zion Canyon was flat because of glacial debris, like Yosemite Valley in California.

It is unclear when the Sentinel landslide was discovered, but it first was described in a scientific paper in The study concluded the landslide most likely happened 4, years ago as single event, with a range of uncertainty so that it could have happened as early as 5, years ago or as recently as 4, years ago.

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Brussels, 24 March Commission concludes on Microsoft investigation, imposes conduct remedies and a fine The European Commission has concluded, after a five-year investigation, that Microsoft Corporation broke European Union competition law by leveraging its near monopoly in the market for PC operating systems OS onto the markets for work group server operating systems 1 and for media players 2.

Because the illegal behaviour is still ongoing, the Commission has ordered Microsoft to disclose to competitors, within days, the interfaces 3 required for their products to be able to ‘talk’ with the ubiquitous Windows OS. Microsoft is also required, within 90 days, to offer a version of its Windows OS without Windows Media Player to PC manufacturers or when selling directly to end users.

After an exhaustive and extensive investigation of more than five years and three statements of objections 4 , the Commission has today taken a decision finding that US software company Microsoft Corporation has violated the EU Treaty’s competition rules by abusing its near monopoly 5 Article 82 in the PC operating system. Microsoft abused its market power by deliberately restricting interoperability between Windows PCs and non-Microsoft work group servers, and by tying its Windows Media Player WMP , a product where it faced competition, with its ubiquitous Windows operating system.

Become part of ITB China and connect with the leading travel market professionals. Network and meet with potential business partners in an electric and most productive atmosphere specifically designed to conduct business.

Both programs are part of CED’s 25th Annual Venture Conference and present unique opportunities for young start-ups to gain exposure to and experience with the investment community. The Angel Investor Retreat will be held from am on April 17th, where these eight pre-screened, early-stage companies will have the opportunity to present to an audience of angel and early-stage investors.

The retreat is dedicated to showcasing companies from across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic seeking seed-stage funding from angel and early-stage investors. Presenting companies represent the region’s top seed-stage companies, focusing on a diverse range of industries and growth strategies. That same afternoon, another group of twelve young companies will have an even more unique opportunity to “speed date” with investors interested in getting a sneak peak at tomorrow’s hot companies.

Each company will engage in an intense 1. They will give a three minute “elevator pitch” to their first group of investors, receive approximately two minutes of feedback, rotate to a new set of investors, and repeat the process.


The issue of migration in the Central Mediterranean will be on the agenda of the informal meeting of the Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs of 6 and 7 July. This is the Commission’s contribution for the discussion at that meeting and does not exclude further actions in light of the outcome of the discussions and developments on the ground. Step up actions to enhance the capacity of the Libyans to control borders: Reinforce actions to reduce migratory pressure on Libya and fight smuggling and human trafficking: This includes enhanced cooperation with G5 Sahel countries and the establishment, with EU financial support of EUR 50 million, of the “Joint Force” decided at the last G5 Summit, which aims at reinstating control at borders in the transit areas of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

Version , first offered to Release channel users on June 26, Firefox Quantum keeps on keeping on. Look to this release for even more performance improvements, features that let you do more without leaving the webpage you’re on, and a safer online experience.

An effective way to network Senior buyers meet exhibitors at the ITB Speed Networking event — the ITB Blogger Speed Dating event is already booked up This year ITB Berlin is organising two speed dating events on 9 March that will enable buyers as well as bloggers to establish valuable links with exhibitors from around the world in the shortest possible time. In the afternoon, at the ITB Blogger Speed Dating event, experienced bloggers can make use of eight-minute time slots to talk to representatives sitting opposite from the global travel industry.

The new ITB matchmaking tool makes it easy to arrange appointments for both events. This is where senior buyers who belong to the exclusive ITB Buyers Circle can get to know exhibitors at previously booked brief appointments. Personal invitations will be sent to exhibitors, who can invite co-exhibitors to register for the event too. Buyers and exhibitors can provide information on key themes in their profile and also emphasise particular interests.

This makes it easier to find exactly the right conversation partners. Only participants who have pre-booked may attend the networking event and they will receive an appointment list beforehand. During the eight-minute time slots participants can exchange information, establish new contacts, find out about destinations and products, and expand their business interests. At the ITB Blogger Speed Dating event exhibitors and bloggers can make use of eight-minute appointments to get to know each other and talk about joint ventures, for example, or exchange ideas on future collaboration.

Due to extremely high demand registration for the Blogger Speed Dating event is now closed. More details are available at www.

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A still-camouflaged prototype slid up next to me and I popped into the driver’s seat. Moments later, I was skittering around the track’s 13 tricky corners, the first driver of the afternoon. From there, the impressions came quickly. A new Supra is a pretty big deal. While the mystique of the car — largely centered on the fourth-generation A80 with the big wing and fearsome twin-turbo inline-six engine — has lived on in popular culture, the last Supra disappeared in

Perkins news, press releases and publications Corporate press releases All Perkins corporate press releases in one place from the latest story to articles dating back two years – just in case you missed something we said.

The BAA is truly a unique environment where arts and academics are intertwined, and we have worked to design a facility that supports their process and expresses their values. The state of the current facility, which was originally constructed in the s as a post office warehouse, limited the school’s ability to carry out its unique arts and academic program and serve as the only audition-based arts high school in BPS. A year-long feasibility study, undertaken by Perkins Eastman and Wilson Butler Architects, determined that the school needed to enhance and improve learning spaces, studios, and performance venues to better support the transition from arts student to artist.

Situated on a prominent corner across from historic Fenway Park, the new building has been designed as a beacon for the neighborhood—to communicate to passersby its importance as a learning community. This is expressed at the exterior through a series of projecting glass bay windows that showcase the activity occurring within and keep occupants constantly connected to the urban fabric.

The building also includes rooftop outdoor learning and performance space. The facility will also include a gym and a health and wellness center for students. The expansion of the building, from approximately , sf to , sf, will allow Boston Arts Academy to increase its capacity. The building has been designed with a range of features that are proven to improve indoor environmental quality IEQ , with a focus on improved daylight, thermal comfort, acoustics, and reduced CO2 levels to improve cognitive function.

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